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Autism Interventions: ABA vs. Floortime

This article is a mothers perspective of Autism Intervention and very interesting to read.

ABA vs. Floortime

Here she describes her viewpoint about the fact that you will be overwhelmed when your child is suddenly diagnosed with autism and what you can do to help. She describes the traditional ABA model but also the DIR Floortime® approach. As it turns out both methods combined in the right way have been helping her child with great success.

Can autistic children be helped by a play-based program?

Now, researchers at York University in Toronto are carrying out the first study of a play-based therapy program that has had some remarkable success in drawing some autistic children out of their solitary worlds and into a shared one.

In this video, the CBC’s Ioanna Roumeliotis offers a moving look inside floortime therapy … and how it’s given one Ontario family new hope for their son.

If the link is broken you can download the video here.